Joseph Raphson, F. R. S

  title={Joseph Raphson, F. R. S},
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Three hundred years ago, in 1690, a mathematical book was published in London that ensured its author a certain degree of immortality: his name will now always be associated with that of Isaac Newton. The book, being the first account of the so-called Newton-Raphson method in the fully developed form which survives to the present day, was entitled ‘Analysis Aequationum UNIVERSALIS, SEU Ad AEQUATIONES ALGEBRAICAS Resolvendas METHODUS Generalis, et Expedita, Ex nova Infinitarum serierum Doctrina… 

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Authore Josepho Raphson , R . S . S . LONDINI , Prostant venales apud Abelem Swalle , ad Insigne Monocerotis in Coemeterio Divi Pauli . MDCXC
  • The correspondence of Isaac , II
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