Joseph Igersheimer (1879–1965): a visionary ophthalmologist and his contributions before and after exile

  title={Joseph Igersheimer (1879–1965): a visionary ophthalmologist and his contributions before and after exile},
  author={Arin Namal and A. Reisman},
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While in forced exile from Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1939, Joseph Igersheimer was the architect of modern ophthalmology in Turkey. Earlier he was a pioneer in addressing the impact of syphilis on eyesight. He was the first to use arsphenamine in the treatment of syphilis of the eye and the first to operate on retinal detachment by closing the holes. In 1939 he joined Tufts University's Medical School and became a major contributor to America's ophthalmology. By the time of his retirement… Expand
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