Joseph Black and Fixed Air: Part II

  title={Joseph Black and Fixed Air: Part II},
  author={Henry E. Guerlac},
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Black's Study of MAGNESIA ALBA A T a time we cannot precisely determine, but probably in the first months of 1 753, Black undertook the study of magnesia alba to discover if it would yield a lime-water that might be more effective than the common sort. He began 123 by investigating the proper method of preparing the magnesia, clearly aware of the importance of securing a pure and reliable material. He made it first from bittern, the bitter saline liquid which remains in the pans after the… 
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Joseph Black, carbon dioxide, latent heat, and the beginnings of the discovery of the respiratory gases.
  • J. West
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    American journal of physiology. Lung cellular and molecular physiology
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Joseph Black was the first person to describe latent heat, that is the heat added or lost when a liquid changes its state, for example when water changes to ice or steam, which is a key concept in thermal physiology because of the heat lost when sweat evaporates.
Hales and Black
The collection of gases in bladders and over water or other liquids had been carried out at early meetings of the Royal Society and by Boyle. Mayow transferred a gas from one vessel to another. The
Gases, God and the balance of nature: a commentary on Priestley (1772) ‘Observations on different kinds of air’
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In ‘Observations’, Priestley took pneumatic chemistry to a new level, with the discovery of eight simple inorganic gases, and saw it as a source of principles and secrets of nature more extensive than that of ‘gravity itself’.
Foundational insights into the estimation of whole-body metabolic rate
This review charts the development of the understanding of methods for estimating the metabolic rate in humans, from the discovery of oxygen and carbon dioxide, to the introduction of highly sophisticated modern apparatus to examine the composition of expired gas and determine respiratory minute volume.
A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Isis, 1960{1969
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