Jordanes's "Getica" and the Disputed Authenticity of Gothic Origins from Scandinavia

  title={Jordanes's "Getica" and the Disputed Authenticity of Gothic Origins from Scandinavia},
  author={Walter A. Goffart},
  pages={379 - 398}
The noted Prussian historian Heinrich von Sybel said, "A nation that does not keep a living connection with its origins is close to withering, as certainly so as a branch that has been cut from its roots. We are still today what we were yester day."1 This is a harmless remark-one historian's statement among many others affirming the civic relevance of his subject. It might be paraphrased as "History is important. A country that does not cultivate its history is like a branch torn from its trunk… 

The Britons in late antiquity : power, identity and ethnicity

This study focuses on the creation of both British ethnic or ‘national’ identity and Brittonic regional/dynastic identities in the Roman and early medieval periods. It is divided into two

Ethnogenesis: A Contested Model of Early Medieval Europe

Abstract Recent research in late antique and early medieval history has paid much attention to ‘Ethnogenesis’. The historical model associated with this term explains the change from the classical

Different Gentes, Same Amazons

This article aims to examine the narrative of the Amazons as part of a political and ethnic discourse. It pays particular attention to the connection between the tale of the Amazons and the history

Such Stuff as Peoples are Made on

Peoples, or ethnic communities, ‘have been present in every period and continent’, says the cover of a recent volume on ethnicity.1 If true, we should also be aware that ‘peoples’ in the recorded

Theoderic and the Italic Kingdom in Cassiodorus’ „Gothic History“: A Hypothesis of Reconstruction

Summary This article aims to reconstruct the representation of Theoderic in the lost „Gothic History“ of Cassiodorus. Scholars generally agree that much of the Getica of Jordanes was derived from

An ethnic dating of Beowulf

  • C. Davis
  • Linguistics
    Anglo-Saxon England
  • 2006
Abstract An interest in Danish legend first appears at the West Saxon court in the 890s when King Alfred traced his father's lineage to Scyld. Alfred traced his mother's ancestry through the Jutish

Heresy, Authority and the Bishops of Rome in the Fifth Century: Leo I (440-461) and Gelasius (492-496)

This dissertation investigates how two fifth-century bishops of Rome, Leo I (440-461) and Gelasius (492-496) understood and opposed heresy. More specifically, by stressing the contested character of


This article discusses the most recent (twenty-first century) development in reception and adaptation of Nordic mythology (particularly referring to the Prose and Poetic Edda) and the appropriating


The article is aimed at analysing the role of counterfactual imagination in selected contemporary British historical novels which depict World War Two and, thus, attempt to reconstruct history.

Jordanes, the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, and Constantinople

Jordanes, historien d’origine illyrienne qui commence de nos jours a avoir meilleure reputation, donne a ses deux ouvrages, les Romana, une histoire du peuple romain, et les Getica, une histoire des



413-41; the peak moment for gold coin imports was the third quarter of the fifth century

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