Jordanes, the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, and Constantinople

  title={Jordanes, the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, and Constantinople},
  author={Conor Whately},
  journal={Dialogues D'histoire Ancienne},
Jordanes, historien d’origine illyrienne qui commence de nos jours a avoir meilleure reputation, donne a ses deux ouvrages, les Romana, une histoire du peuple romain, et les Getica, une histoire des Goths, des conclusions, en apparence, differentes, mais, dans les faits, complementaires. C’est la description detaillee de la bataille des champs Catalauniques dans les Getica qui nous fournit un indice de l’apparente polarite des deux conclusions. Cette description de la bataille, livree dans un… 

Perceptions of Procopius in Recent Scholarship

This article offers a survey of scholarship on the historian Procopius of Caesarea in the last eleven years (–). It reviews his origins and upbringing in Caesarea in Palestine before moving

Theoderic goes to the promised land: accidental propaganda in Jordanes's Gothic history?

Claims that Jordanes's Getica advanced Justinianic propaganda often point to its (alleged) critique of Theoderic the Ostrogoth. I argue instead that Jordanes intended a positive reading – but one

Towards the End of an Empire: Rome in the West and Attila (425-455 AD)

Bu calismada, birincil yazili kaynaklar, arkeoloji, prosopografi ve filolojinin yardimiyla, imparator III. Valentinianus donemindeki (I.S. 425-455) Bati Roma Imparatorlugu’nun en buyuk darbeyi Attila

Negotiation Techniques in the Diplomacy of the Roman Empire to the Hun Empire During Attila Period

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Empire of Hope and Tragedy: Jordanes and the Invention of Roman-Gothic History

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Traduire Lydos. Notes en marge de la nouvelle édition de Jean le Lydien, Des magistratures de l’État romain …

The new edition of ‘On the Magistracies’, published by Bude in 2006, does not offer a profoundly altered text from earlier versions (Wunsch, 1903; Bandy, 1987). But it is the first to provide a


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    The Classical Quarterly
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Over the past few decades, discussions of Jordanes’ Getica, along with the works of sixth-century historians more generally, have benefited from shifting paradigms in the study of late antiquity.

Cassiodorus and the Getica of Jordanes

T HROUGHOUT the nineteenth century devotees of source-criticism tended to dissect authors so minutely into their component sources that sometimes the original unity and purpose of a particular work

Jordanes's "Getica" and the Disputed Authenticity of Gothic Origins from Scandinavia

The noted Prussian historian Heinrich von Sybel said, "A nation that does not keep a living connection with its origins is close to withering, as certainly so as a branch that has been cut from its

Descriptions of battle in the Wars of Procopius

Procopius of Caesarea wrote a classicizing history of the wars of Justinian, which focuses squarely on warfare in an age when his contemporaries were often directing their attention towards

History and Geography in Late Antiquity

HISTORY tural features of the city and their Etruscan, Samnite, and Greek influences. Chapter 3 discusses Pompeii during and after the social wars and the installation of a veteran’s colony within

The Huns and the End of the Roman Empire in Western Europe

BASED on the Mediterranean, the Roman Empire forged Europe as far as the rivers Rhine and Danube and, for lengthy periods, extensive lands beyond those boundaries together with North Africa and much

Latin Historiography in the Barbarian Kingdoms”, in Greek and Roman Historiography

  • Count Marcellinus and His Chronicle,
  • 2001

The Narrators of Barbarian History

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