Jordan in The Church of The Higher Hilbert Space: Entanglement and Thermal Fluctuations

  title={Jordan in The Church of The Higher Hilbert Space: Entanglement and Thermal Fluctuations},
  author={Vlatko Vedral},
  • V. Vedral
  • Published 12 October 2021
  • Physics
  • Quanta
I revisit Jordan's derivation of Einstein's formula for energy fluctuations in the black body in thermal equilibrium. This formula is usually taken to represent the unification of the wave and the particle aspects of the electromagnetic field since the fluctuations can be shown to be the sum of wave-like and particle-like contributions. However, in Jordan's treatment there is no mention of the Planck distribution and all averages are performed with respect to pure number states of radiation… 


Time, (Inverse) Temperature and Cosmological Inflation as Entanglement
We present arguments to the effect that time and temperature can be viewed as a form of quantum entanglement. Furthermore, if temperature is thought of as arising from the quantum mechanical
Zur Quantenmechanik. II
Die aus Heisenbergs Ansatzen in Teil I dieser Arbeit entwickelte Quantenmechanik wird auf Systeme von beliebig vielen Freiheitsgraden ausgedehnt. Die Storungstheorie wird fur nicht entartete und eine
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  • Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems
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