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Jordan-Wigner transformation and qubits with nontrivial exchange rule

  title={Jordan-Wigner transformation and qubits with nontrivial exchange rule},
  author={Alexander Yu. Vlasov},
  • A. Vlasov
  • Published 8 March 2021
  • Computer Science, Physics
  • ArXiv
Well-known (spinless) fermionic qubits may need more subtle consideration in comparison with usual (spinful) fermions. Even in standard model with local fermionic modes formally only the ‘occupied’ state |1〉 is truly relevant for Fermi–Dirac statistics, but ‘vacuum’ state |0〉 is not. Introduction of exchange rule for such fermionic qubits indexed by some ‘positions’ may look questionable due to general super-selection principle. However, a consistent algebraic construction of such ‘super… 


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ZusammenfassungDie Arbeit enthält eine Fortsetzung der kürzlich von einem der Verfasser vorgelegten Note „Zur Quantenmechanik der Gasentartung“, deren Ergebnisse hier wesentlich erweitert werden. Es
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