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Jordan, a country study

  title={Jordan, a country study},
  author={Helen Chapin Metz},
  • H. Metz
  • Published 1991
  • Environmental Science
"Research completed December 1989." Supersedes the 1980 ed. of Jordan : a country study, edited by Richard F. Nyrop. Includes bibliographical references (p. 293-305) and index. Also available in digital form. Previous ed. cat. under: American University (Washington, D.C.). Foreign Area Studies. 

Supplying Democracy? U.S. Security Assistance to Jordan, 1989-2002

Abstract : Democracy promotion has been a principal foreign policy goal of the United States in the post-Cold War world. Democratic expansion is seen as an essential element of enhanced security and

Traditions , Changes , and Challenges : Military Operations and the Middle Eastern City

2004020718 i Foreword In July 2002 the Combat Studies Institute (CSI) was reconstituted and given a new charter by the US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) commander, General John Abrams.

After the Fall: Palestinian Communist Journalism in the Post–Cold War World

This study examines how the Palestinian Communist Party, renamed the People's Party in 1991, conceptualized its new role in Palestinian politics in its documents and its press based on its

Women's changing political participation in Jordan

This study examines women's changing political participation in Jordan, focusing on the interplay between three major factors: Islam, the state, and feminism. The analytical framework is intended to

United States Security Assistance to Jordan: Has the United States Achieved Its Goals

The conclusion of the paper will reveal the US security assistance program to Jordan was effective and provide ways to further analyze the program and provide suggestions on how to improve it.

The resilience of Arab monarchies during the uprisings of 2011 and 2012: the hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

A historical perspective. The birth and evolution of the hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Legitimacy. Stability.

Northern Jordan Traditional Architecture during the 19th and 20th Century: An Ehno-archaeological Perspective

Studying and documenting traditional architecture in Jordan contribute greatly to defining a collective identity as traditional buildings represent an integral part of Jordan's cultural and

Linguistic and Cultural Maintenance Among the Chechens of Jordan

The paper explores and illustrates the ways in which the Chechen language and culture are preserved in Jordan, despite a passage of almost 100 years since Chechens first arrived in the country. It

Teaching EFL to Jordanian Students: New Strategies for Enhancing English Acquisition in a Distinct Middle Eastern Student Population

This study proposes intersections between communication and language acquisition practices to improve delivery of EFL instruction in Jordan, a country in which English enjoys a somewhat ambiguous status in the public school system, higher education, and business and social interactions.



The Cambridge History of Islam

First published in 1970, The Cambridge History of Islam is the most comprehensive and ambitious collaborative survey of Islamic history and civilization yet to appear in English. On publication it

Jordanian migrant workers in the Arab region: a case study of consequences for labor supplying countries

In 1980 the Economics Department of the Royal Scientific Society of Jordan (RSS) undertook a survey research project to gauge the effects of labor migration and remittances at the household level in

Politics and the Military in Jordan: A Study of the Arab Legion 1921-1957 . By P. J. Vatikiotis. (New York: Frederick A. Praeger1967. Pp. 169. $7.50.)

  • R. Dekmejian
  • Political Science
    American Political Science Review
  • 1968
its gratitude to Professor George A. Codding, Jr. for this, his second book on Switzerland. Like the first (The Federal Gvernment of Switzerland, 1961), Politics in Swiss Local Government is a

Jordan's Trade: Past Performance and Future Prospects

  • Rodney Wilson
  • Economics, Political Science
    International Journal of Middle East Studies
  • 1988
Many Middle Eastern governments are seeking to liberalize their trade policies. There is a desire to abandon policies based on import substitution through protectionism, and instead concentrate on

Decade of Decisions: American Policy Toward the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1967–1976 . By William B. Quandt. (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1977. Pp. viii + 313. $14.95, cloth; $4.95, paper.)

  • M. Kerr
  • Political Science
    American Political Science Review
  • 1979
This is a highly competent yet somewhat unsatisfying book. William Quandt's broad theoretical and practical knowledge, analytical acuity, and instincts of wisdom are evident throughout his text. He

Economic recession and international labour migration in the Arab Gulf.

The broad effects of economic recession on immigrant labour flows into the Arab Gulf states are examined and it is concluded that the economic recession may not result in a significant draw-down on expatriate labour stocks.

Attitudes of University Students Toward Women' Work: The Case of Jordan

  • M. Barhoum
  • Economics
    International Journal of Middle East Studies
  • 1983
Economic growth in underdeveloped countries, including Jordan, is associated with substantial social change. According to the theory of social deviance, underdeveloped societies are characterized by

World Population and the United Nations: Challenge and Response

Introduction 1. the rise of concern 2. The breakthrough in the Untied Nations 3. The role of the agencies 4. Four reports 5. UNFPA: the early days 6. The World Population Conference, Bucharest, 1974:

Arab manpower: The crisis of development

This study describes and evaluates economic development in the capital-rich and captial-poor states of the Arab world by focusing on the national labor markets. In the Arab world the labor market is

The Middle East Today

Maps, Preface What Is the Middle East? Islam: Past and Present Rise and Fall of the Ottomans The Middle East and the West before World War I The Middle East and the West since World War I Arab