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Jongens als probleem. Inleiding bij het themadeel.

  title={Jongens als probleem. Inleiding bij het themadeel.},
  author={L. Veendrick and L. Tavecchio and J. Doornenbal},
Attitudes of pre-service teachers towards taking risks
When asked for an explanation of why certain activities in primary education are not done like real life learning, such as the subject ‘science and technology’, or story telling, teachers tend toExpand
Innovative learning and developments in motivation and achievement in upper primary school
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Early school-leaving in the Netherlands A multidisciplinary study of risk and protective factors explaining early school-leaving
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Leaving College: A Gender Comparison in Male and Female-Dominated Programs
Women, on average, outnumber men and are more successful in higher education. A literature overview showed that these differences may be explained by gender differences in learner characteristics, byExpand
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Mogelijke verklaringen voor onderwijsachterstanden van jongens
Recentelijk is er een hernieuwde aandacht voor de invloed van de sekse van een leerling op diens onderwijsprestaties. Anders dan enkele decennia geleden staat nu echter de achterstand van jongensExpand
The Feminization of Primary Education: Effects of Teachers’ Sex on Pupil Achievement, Attitudes and Behaviour
AbstractSince the mid-1990s, considerable concern has been expressed about the feminization of education. The underlying assumption is that the increasing number of female teachers is leading to aExpand
Research Note: Individual Differences in Perceptions of Internet Communication
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