Jointly Modeling Intra- and Inter-transaction Dependencies with Hierarchical Attentive Transaction Embeddings for Next-item Recommendation

  title={Jointly Modeling Intra- and Inter-transaction Dependencies with Hierarchical Attentive Transaction Embeddings for Next-item Recommendation},
  author={Shoujin Wang and Longbing Cao and Liang Hu and Shlomo Berkovsky and Xiaoshui Huang and Lin Xiao and Wenpeng Lu},
A transaction-based recommender system (TBRS) attempts to predict the next item by modeling dependencies in transactional data. Generally, two kinds of dependency considered are intra-transaction dependency and inter-transaction dependency. Most existing TBRSs recommend next item by only modeling the intra-transaction dependency within the current transaction while ignoring inter-transaction dependency with recent transactions that may also affect the next item. However, not all recent… 

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