Joint measurement of complementary observables in moment tomography

  title={Joint measurement of complementary observables in moment tomography},
  author={Yong Siah Teo and Christian R. Muller and Hyunseok Jeong and Zdeněk Hradil and Jaroslav Řeh{\'a}{\vc}ek and Luis L. S{\'a}nchez-Soto},
  journal={International Journal of Quantum Information},
Wigner and Husimi quasi-distributions, owing to their functional regularity, give the two archetypal and equivalent representations of all observable-parameters in continuous-variable quantum information. Balanced homodyning (HOM) and heterodyning (HET) that correspond to their associated sampling procedures, on the other hand, fare very differently concerning their state or parameter reconstruction accuracies. We present a general theory of a now-known fact that HET can be tomographically more… Expand

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