Joint immobilization of terrilytin and torfot

  title={Joint immobilization of terrilytin and torfot},
  author={Tatyana Davidenko and Gennady I. Bondarenko and E. P. Sotnikova and A. B. Abramova},
  journal={Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal},
The high proteolytic and fibrinolytic activity of terrilytin and the stability of this drag with respect to inhibition by blood serum are factors determining its clinical use for treatment of purulent wounds, bums, trophic and decubitus ulcers, and hyphemia [1 -3 ] . The biogenic stimulator torfot (peat distillate) is used for the treatment of arthritis, heavy corneal disorders, opacity of the vitreous body, and some other diseases [4, 5]. The purpose of this work was to study the joint… CONTINUE READING

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