Joint angle, range and velocity estimation for bi-static FDA-MIMO radar

  • Zhihao Zhao, Zhimin Wang, Yang Sun
  • Published 2017 in
    2017 IEEE 2nd Advanced Information Technology…


It is known that there is a contradiction between high-resolution range estimation and velocity estimation due to the influence of pulse repetition frequency (PRF) in traditional phased-array (PA) radar. In this paper, a joint unambiguous angle, range and velocity estimation method is proposed for bi-static multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) radar with frequency diverse array (FDA). Owing to the FDA, there is a little frequency increment between the arrays and the transmit steering matrix carries angle, range even velocity information. Consider the range-angle coupling in transmit steering matrix, a subarray-based transmitted waveform and decoupling approach are designed. Utilizing the ESPRIT algorithm and ambiguity resolve methods based on FDA, the direction-of-departure (DOD), direction-of-arrival (DOA), range and velocity parameters are estimated unambiguously. Additionally, Cramér-Rao bounds (CRB) for these parameters are derived and the performance of this radar is analyzed. Simulation results indicates the validity of the proposed method.

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