Joint analysis of three genome-wide association studies of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in Chinese populations

  title={Joint analysis of three genome-wide association studies of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in Chinese populations},
  author={Chen Wu and Zhaoming Wang and X. Song and Xiao-shan Feng and Christian C Abnet and Jie He and N. N. Hu and Xian-bo Zuo and Wen Tan and Qimin Zhan and Zhibin Hu and Zhonghu He and Weihua Jia and Yifeng Zhou and Kai F. Yu and Xiao-Ou Shu and Jian-Min Yuan and Wei Zheng and Xue-ke Zhao and She-gan Gao and Zhi-Qing Yuan and F Y Zhou and Zong-min Fan and Ji-li Cui and Hong-Li Lin and Xue-Na Han and Bei Li and Xi Chen and Sanford M. Dawsey and Linda M. Liao and Maxwell P. Lee and T P Ding and You Lin Qiao and Zhihua Liu and Dianke Yu and Jiang Chang and Lixuan Wei and Yu-tang Gao and W M Koh and Yong Bing Xiang and Ze-Zhong Tang and Jin-hu Fan and Jing-Jing Han and Sheng-li Zhou and Peng Zhang and D Y Zhang and Yuan Yuan and Ying Huang and Chunling Liu and Kan Zhai and Yan Qiao and Guangfu Jin and Chuanhai Guo and Jian-hua Fu and Xiaoping Miao and Changdong Lu and Haijun Yang and Chaoyu Wang and William A. Wheeler and Mitchell H. Gail and Meredith Yeager and Jeff Yuenger and E T Guo and Aili Li and Wei Guo Zhang and Xue-min Li and Liangdan Sun and Bao-gen Ma and Yan Li and Sa Tang and Xiu-qing Peng and Jing Liu and Amy A. Hutchinson and Kevin B. Jacobs and Carol A Giffen and Laurie A. Burdette and Joseph F. Jr. Fraumeni and Hongbing Shen and Yang Ke and Yixin Zeng and Tangchun Wu and Peter Kraft and Charles Y. C. Chung and Margaret A. Tucker and Zhi-Chao Hou and Ya-li Liu and Yan-Long Hu and Yu Liu and Li Ang Wang and Guo Yuan and L P Chen and Xiao Liu and Teng Ma and Hui Meng and Li Sun and Xin-Min Li and Xiu-Min Li and J W Ku and Ying-Fa Zhou and L F Yang and Zhou Bi Wang and Yin Li and Qirenwang Qige and Wen-jun Yang and Guang-yan Lei and Long-Qi Chen and E. Herbert Li and Ling Yuan and Wen-Bin Yue and Ran Wang and Lu-Wen Wang and Xue-Ping Fan and Fang-Heng Zhu and Wei-Xing Zhao and Yimin Mao and Mei Zhang and Guo-Lan Xing and Ji-lin Li and Min Han and Jing-li Ren and Bin Liu and Shu-wei Ren and Qing-peng Kong and Feng Li and Ilyar Sheyhidin and W U Wei and Yan-rui Zhang and Chang-wei Feng and Jing Wang and Yu-Hua Yang and Hong-Zhang Hao and Qi-De Bao and Bao-chi Liu and Ai-qun Wu and Dong Xie and W Yang and Liang Wang and Xiao-hang Zhao and Shu-Qing Chen and Jun-yan Hong and Xuejun Zhang and Neal D Freedman and Alisa M Goldstein and Dong-xin Lin and Philip R. Taylor and Li-dong Wang and Stephen J. Chanock},
  booktitle={Nature Genetics},
We conducted a joint (pooled) analysis of three genome-wide association studies (GWAS) of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) in individuals of Chinese ancestry (5,337 ESCC cases and 5,787 controls) with 9,654 ESCC cases and 10,058 controls for follow-up. In a logistic regression model adjusted for age, sex, study and two eigenvectors, two new loci achieved genome-wide significance, marked by rs7447927 at 5q31.2 (per-allele odds ratio (OR) = 0.85, 95% confidence interval (CI) = 0.82–0.88… CONTINUE READING
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