Joint action of miR-126 and MAPK/PI3K inhibitors against metastatic melanoma.

  title={Joint action of miR-126 and MAPK/PI3K inhibitors against metastatic melanoma.},
  author={Francesca Pedini and Gabriele De Luca and Federica Felicetti and Rossella Puglisi and Alessandra Boe and Maria Beatrice Arasi and Federica Fratini and Gianfranco Mattia and Manoela Tavares Arruda Spada and Simona Caporali and Mauro Biffoni and Alessandro Giuliani and Alessandra Car{\`e} and Nadia Felli},
  journal={Molecular oncology},
Emerging data support the rationale of combined therapies in advanced melanoma. Specifically, the combined use of drugs with different mechanisms of action can reduce the probability of selecting resistant clones. To identify agents active against melanoma cells we screened a library of 349 anticancer compounds, currently in clinical use or trials, and selected PIK-75, an inhibitor of the PI3K/AKT pathway, as the 'top active' drug. PIK-75 was then used alone or in combination with vemurafenib… CONTINUE READING
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