Joint Optimization for Object Class Segmentation and Dense Stereo Reconstruction

  title={Joint Optimization for Object Class Segmentation and Dense Stereo Reconstruction},
  author={Lubor Ladicky and Paul Sturgess and Christopher Russell and Sunando Sengupta and Yalin Bastanlar and W. F. Clocksin and Philip H. S. Torr},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Vision},
The problems of dense stereo reconstruction and object class segmentation can both be formulated as Random Field labeling problems, in which every pixel in the image is assigned a label corresponding to either its disparity, or an object class such as road or building. While these two problems are mutually informative, no attempt has been made to jointly optimize their labelings. In this work we provide a flexible framework configured via cross-validation that unifies the two problems and… CONTINUE READING
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