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Joint Collaborative Team on 3d Video Coding Extension Development of Itu-t Sg 16 Wp 3 and Iso/iec Jtc 1/sc 29/wg 11 Title: Test Model 8 of 3d-hevc and Mv-hevc

  title={Joint Collaborative Team on 3d Video Coding Extension Development of Itu-t Sg 16 Wp 3 and Iso/iec Jtc 1/sc 29/wg 11 Title: Test Model 8 of 3d-hevc and Mv-hevc},
  author={S. Yea},
Draft 8 of 3D-HEVC Test Model Description Ed. Notes (TM8) (changes compare to JCT3V-G1005): Integrated items  (Review GT01)  (3DN-01/JCT3V-H0077/JCT3V-H0099/JCT3V-H0111/JCT3V-H0133) Sub-PU MPI  (3DN-02/JCT3V-H0070) CE1: Results on Adaptive Disabling Inter-view Motion Vector Candidates  (3DN-03/JCT3V-H0062) CE1: Simplification of merge candidate construction  (3DN-05/JCT3V-H0057) Sub-PU Restriction for DBBP  (3DN-06/JCT3V-H0072) Bug-fix of depth-based block partitioning  (3DN-07/JCT3V… 
Improved segment-wise DC coding for HEVC intra prediction of depth maps
This paper proposes to utilize the right-bottom sample as the predicted DC in the SDC to reduce the DLT-induced error and shows that the proposed method can achieve 0.10% BD-rate savings in All-Intra configurations (AI) and common test conditions (CTC) based on 3D-HTM 11.0.
Improved disparity vector derivation for inter-view residual prediction in 3D-HEVC
The improved disparity vector derivation scheme for ARP is proposed and it is shown that 0.2% bitrate reduction of synthesized views, and up to 0.5% for each dependent views in the reference software of 3D-HEVC.
Region-Based Multiple Description Coding for Multiview Video Plus Depth Video
A region-based multiple description coding scheme is proposed for robust 3-D video communication in this paper, in which two descriptions are formed by setting the left and right view as dominant in the first and second description, respectively.
Multiview and 3D Video Compression Using Neighboring Block Based Disparity Vectors
Through extensive experiments and analysis, it is shown that the proposed NBDV method achieves efficient DV derivation in the state-of-art video codecs, and it keeps the multiview compatibility with a relatively lower complexity.
Hierarchical Colour-Shift-Keying Aided Layered Video Streaming for the Visible Light Downlink
A hierarchical CSK (HCSK) modulation scheme based on the traditional CSK, which is capable of generating interdependent layers of signals having different error probability, which can be readily reconfigured by changing its parameters is conceived.
Fast segment-wise DC coding for 3D video compression
Based on the observation that most Prediction Units (PUs) choose the same intra coding mode with and without SDC option, a fast SDC coding algorithm is proposed to avoid unnecessary full-RD cost calculation.
Adaptation of the 3D-HEVC coding tools to arbitrary locations of cameras
The proposal refines the inter-view prediction by replacing the horizontal shifts with the true mapping in the 3D space, which implies changes in several coding tools, which are described in details.
Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix Based Fast Depth Intra Coding for 3D-HEVC
3D-HEVC is a newly developed video coding standard to efficiently encode the 3D video and free view video, which consists not only the texture but also the depth map sequence for each view. To reduce
An adaptive segment-based view synthesis optimization method for 3D-HEVC
This paper presents an adaptive segment-based view synthesis optimization (VSO) for depth map coding in 3D-HEVC that can achieve low coding complexity without significant performance loss for the synthesized views.
Blind 3D Video Watermarking Based on 3D-HEVC Encoder Using Depth
A comprehensive set of experiments have been done to justify the robustness of the proposed scheme over existing schemes with respect to compression of the 3D-HEVC video codec.