John Stuart Mill's Passage on Pimps and the Limits on Free Speech

  title={John Stuart Mill's Passage on Pimps and the Limits on Free Speech},
  author={Mark Tunick},
  pages={392 - 408}
  • M. Tunick
  • Published 22 August 2022
  • Philosophy
  • Utilitas
Abstract Mill didn't resolve this puzzle: if prostitution must be tolerated according to his principle of liberty as it doesn't non-consensually harm others, why punish the accessory – the pimp? Yet in On Liberty's passage on pimps (CW 18:296–7) Mill seriously considers restricting pimps’ speech for reasons other than preventing harm: pimps’ speech undermines decisional autonomy for purposes the state regards as immoral, and in response the state may use coercion to counteract such immoral… 



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