John Snow

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Aerosol transmission of human pathogens: From miasmata to modern viral pandemics and their preservation potential in the Anthropocene record
Ongoing uncertainty over the relative importance of aerosol transmission of COVID-19 is in part rooted in the history of medical science and our understanding of how epidemic diseases can spreadExpand
Geoengineering: The Deadly New Global “Miasma”
Near-total adherence to false scientific theories is the striking parallel between 19 th century miasma theory associated with cholera, dispelled by Dr. John Snow, and 21 century “miasmas”, namely,Expand
John Snow, Cholera, the Broad Street Pump; Waterborne Diseases Then and Now
Abstract Cholera was a major global scourge in the 19th century, with frequent large-scale epidemics in European cities primarily originating in the Indian subcontinent. John Snow conductedExpand
1.5. The Control of Infectious Diseases in a Regional Context
The post-Second World War years are marked by the launch of ambitious programmes to control – and even eradicate – infectious diseases. The emergence and recent re-emergence of infectious diseases,Expand
Geospatial Analysis of Spatial Patterns of U.S. Hospital Readmission Rates
Geospatial Analysis of Spatial Patterns of U.S. Hospital Readmission Rates by Yamei Wang MS, Rutgers University, 1999 MS, Fudan University, 1991 BS, Fudan University, 1988 Dissertation Submitted inExpand
Analysis of usage of geographic information systems for the participants of tourist travels
The main objective of this article is to analyze the usage of geographic information systems (GIS) with regard to tourism. The study has been limited to a select group of individual users. TheExpand
TPPA should not be adopted without a full, independent health assessment.
Some of the interim independent expert commentary on the released TPPA text are synthesised and it is shown that while current health-relevant policies will continue, future governments will face constraints in developing new policies. Expand
Epidemiology and statistics at the Nordic School of Public Health: Teaching and research 1979–2014
  • B. Eriksson
  • Medicine
  • Scandinavian journal of public health
  • 2015
The story of Epidemiology at NHV from about 1980, up until closure of the school in 2014 is told: Epidemiology lost its unique position as a mandatory subject for the MPH examination. Expand
How to Integrate Open Source Resource to Assess Emergency Management: a Framework and Applications
Disease risk assessment plays an important role in controlling the diffusion of infectious diseases. It needs a large number of environmental, social and economic development data in order toExpand