John Maxson Stillman (1852-1923)

  title={John Maxson Stillman (1852-1923)},
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physics may be singled out. Among the numerous EUCLID items in Greek, Arabic, Latin, and other tongues, are the Elementa, printed by RATDOLT in Venice in 1482, and the English translation by H. BILLINGSLEY, of London, 1570. For mediaeval mathematics one may turn to the Arithmetica decem libris demonstrata by the thirteenth-century JORDANUS NEMORARIUS, edited by JACQUES LE FEVRE D' STAPLES, printed at Paris in 1496. Among the works of REGIOMONTANUS are his Almanach, Nuremberg, 1488, the… Expand


The Days of a Man: being Memories of a Naturalist, Teacher, and Minor Prophet of Democracy
THE Days of a Man “is the title chosen by Dr. David Starr Jordan for his autobiography. Dr. Jordan, who was born in 1851, has been for many years the leading ichthyologist in America, and is theExpand
On the Origin of the Lac
It is hoped that this article will induce other investigators to take up this subject of microscopical crystals in plants and find, if possible, their exact use in the economy of the plant. Expand
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