John Douglas Cockcroft, 1897-1967

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The Cockcroft family settled in Todmorden, on the borders of Lancashire and Yorkshire, not later than the fifteenth century as peasant farmers on the higher ground. In the days of subsistence agriculture, such farmers produced and spun their own wool, and wove their own coarse cloth. By the sixteenth century, some of the inhabitants of the area had become primarily weavers with hand looms, using fibres largely imported from other parts of England and from Ireland. Their light, cheap and gaily… Expand
Representing science in a divided world : the Royal Society and Cold War Britain
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Friction and the Hot Rolling of Steel
When it comes to metal rolling, understanding and controlling frictional phenomena are essential to improving product and developing a more effective approach to friction reduction. Providing aExpand
Beyond scientific research: tracing the contributions Ernest Rutherford made to the next generation of scientists
Beyond Scientific Research: Tracing the Contributions Ernest Rutherford Made to the Next Generation of Scientists. (May 2006) Andrew A. Armstrong, B.S., Texas A&M University Chair of AdvisoryExpand
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The following bibliograhy is a personal collection, from which there are regretted omissions such as some highly relevant lectures by Lord Bowden, Sir Robert Cockburn and others.


Sir John Cockcroft, O.M., F.R.S.
One of the architects of the age of atomic energy, Master of Churchill, Chancellor of Canberra; what more can a man do, and only a very few can do as much as he did. Expand
A photographic investigation of the transmutation of lithium and boron by protons and of lithium by ions of the heavy isotope of hydrogen
In the preceding paper, p. 722, Oliphant, Kinsey and Rutherford have given an account of the examination of the disintegration of lithium by protons and by ions of the heavy isotope of hydrogen,Expand
The Transmutation of Lithium by Protons and by Ions of the Heavy Isotope of Hydrogen
In a previous paper on the transmutation of the elements by protons we reported some measurements of the disintegration function for thin films and for thick films of the element lithium, and gaveExpand