John Donne and the Ideology of Colonization

  title={John Donne and the Ideology of Colonization},
  author={T. G. S. Cain},
  journal={English Literary Renaissance},
  pages={440 - 476}
  • T. Cain
  • Published 1 September 2001
  • History, Art
  • English Literary Renaissance
N one of his most erotic poems Donne sees his mistress as an “America [a] Newfound land” whom his roving hands may explore and H exploit, and who is his own, private “kingdom, safeliest when with one man manned.” It is widely assumed that the converse ofhis metaphor is also true, that he saw America as a woman, and Virginia as virgin territory to be enjoyed, explored and exploited in a similarly uncomplicated way. His attitudes toward the colonization ofAmerica and his views on the native… 

The Metaphysics of Labor in John Donne's Sermon to the Virginia Company

T | rHE record of John Donne's employment is not usually the first consideration of readers of his poetry. Still, in the background of the most influential twentieth-century criticism of the poet,

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My intemperate claim: the violence characterizing the treatment of native Americans by English settlers in the New World begins on 22 March 1622, the precise moment when temperance breaks its ethical

Donne ' s Metaphors of Self and Empire : A Cognitive Analysis

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  • Art, Psychology
  • 2017
Donne's strategies to win the authority of the 'domain' of love in his poetry are attempts to claim a personal domain for himself. This essay focuses on this personal domain in order to analyse the

Love is Empire: A Cognitive Analysis of Metaphors of Empire in John Donne’s Love Poetry

The poetry of John Donne is replete with elaborate metaphors. As the products of an age of nascent imperialism and colonization, the metaphors he uses to describe the concept of love demonstrate his

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Gavelkinde: Donne's Politics

    For a reassessment ofthe political dimensions of the sermons, seeJohn DonneJournal I I (1992). especially Jeanne Shami

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    The Monarchy ofWit and the Republic of Letters: Donne's Politics

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      Donne's Political Intervention in the Parliament of 1629

        All Donne

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