John Donne and the Ideology of Colonization

  title={John Donne and the Ideology of Colonization},
  author={T. Cain},
  journal={English Literary Renaissance},
  pages={440 - 476}
  • T. Cain
  • Published 2001
  • Medicine
  • English Literary Renaissance
N one of his most erotic poems Donne sees his mistress as an “America [a] Newfound land” whom his roving hands may explore and H exploit, and who is his own, private “kingdom, safeliest when with one man manned.” It is widely assumed that the converse ofhis metaphor is also true, that he saw America as a woman, and Virginia as virgin territory to be enjoyed, explored and exploited in a similarly uncomplicated way. His attitudes toward the colonization ofAmerica and his views on the native… Expand


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