John Aubrey’s Brief Lives: the edition we have been waiting for

  title={John Aubrey’s Brief Lives: the edition we have been waiting for},
  author={Michael Hunter},
  journal={The Seventeenth Century},
  pages={339 - 351}
  • M. Hunter
  • Published 3 July 2015
  • History
  • The Seventeenth Century
Brief Lives is undoubtedly John Aubrey's most significant work. It is for this that he has become widely known in modern times - and deservedly so, since through it we gain an insight into his era that is quite simply unparalleled. Indeed, the work is without compare not only in Aubrey's own period but in any other, and it has been acclaimed accordingly. As the novelist, Anthony Powell, whose John Aubrey and His Friends (1948) remains the definitive biography of Aubrey, put it:To the question… 
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