Johan Turi: First Author of the Sámi

  title={Johan Turi: First Author of the S{\'a}mi},
  author={Mikael Svonni},
  journal={Scandinavian Studies},
  pages={483 - 490}
  • Mikael Svonni
  • Published 22 December 2011
  • History
  • Scandinavian Studies
ONE-HUNDRED YEARS AGO in the year 1910, Johan Turi's book Muitalus samiid birra (An Account of the Sami) first appeared. It was the first time that a Sami had written a book regarding the Sami situation in Sami. The book's genesis has its own particular history. Now, a century after the work's appearance, a new edition has been prepared based on Turi's original handwritten manuscript (Muitalus Samiid Birra). The present collection of essays examines Turi's masterpiece from a variety of… 
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Muitalus samiid birra.