Johan Hjort 1869-1948

  title={Johan Hjort 1869-1948},
  author={A. C. Hardy},
  journal={Obituary Notices of Fellows of the Royal Society},
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  • A. C. Hardy
  • Published 1 November 1950
  • History
  • Obituary Notices of Fellows of the Royal Society
Johan Hjort died on 7 October 1948 at the age of seventy-nine; he was one of the great leaders in oceanography whose names will live in the annals of this science, and his influence will be felt for many years to come. His fame will last both for the contributions he made to oceanic biology, especially in that classic The depths of the ocean which he published with Sir John Murray as a result of their North Atlantic expedition in 1910, and equally for his remarkable pioneer achievements in… 
Imperial Science in the Antarctic
In July 1925, Robert Falcon Scott’s famous ship Discovery sailed south, heralding a bright new age in British engagement with the Antarctic. Colonial Secretary Leo Amery—who had already dreamed of
Contribution to the Special Issue : ‘ Commemorating 100 years since Hjort ’ s 1914 treatise on fluctuations in the great fisheries of northern Europe
The population dynamics of marine fish at low abundance has long been of interest. One century ago, Johan Hjort drew attention to the importance of understanding “the laws which govern the renewal of
Renaissance of a caveat: Allee effects in marine fish
Based on studies having sufficient data at low abundance, the magnitude of depletion experienced by some fish populations appears to have been sufficient to have generated either an Allee effect or a transition from strong to weak (or absent) compensatory dynamics.
Hazard warning: model misuse ahead
It is suggested that the idea of trade-offs and limitations in modelling be considered as an essential first step in assessing the utility of a model in the context of knowledge for decision-making in management.
Food for Thought Hazard warning: model misuse ahead
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