Job-shop scheduling using hybrid shuffled frog leaping


Job-shop scheduling problem is demonstrated as one of the NP-complete problems. To solve this problem, we propose two types of hybrid shuffled frog leaping algorithm. Hybrid algorithms are generated by combining the shuffled frog leaping and a local search method. Also a new local search method by combining two other simple local searches is proposed. The obtained results demonstrate that our proposed hybrid algorithms have a better performance than their nonhybrid competitors. Also a comparison among proposed hybrid shuffled frog leaping and hybrid genetic algorithms demonstrate that the hybrid shuffled frog leaping algorithms can be generated a better schedule than their genetic algorithm competitors. A caparison of the best obtained results with the results reported in the considered literature shows that our proposed algorithms have a comparable performance.

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@article{Ahandani2009JobshopSU, title={Job-shop scheduling using hybrid shuffled frog leaping}, author={Morteza Alinia Ahandani and N. Pourqorban Shirjoposht and Reza Banimahd}, journal={2009 14th International CSI Computer Conference}, year={2009}, pages={670-675} }