Joan of Arc, the Church, and the Papacy, 1429-1920

  title={Joan of Arc, the Church, and the Papacy, 1429-1920},
  author={Larissa Juliet Taylor},
  journal={The Catholic Historical Review},
  pages={217 - 240}
  • L. Taylor
  • Published 1 April 2012
  • Political Science
  • The Catholic Historical Review
In modern times, Joan of Arc has been depicted as a victim of the medieval Church, a saint who has been used to justify various and opposing ideologies, or a feminist icon. The author argues against oversimplifications, for Joan lived in a political world of intrigue, court factions, and complex dynastic relationships that provided the backdrop for her military successes and the cause of her downfall. In her own time, Joan was viewed not as a saint, but first and foremost as a soldier and… 
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