Jews in 6th and 7th century legal texts from Spain and Gaul: A few observations

  title={Jews in 6th and 7th century legal texts from Spain and Gaul: A few observations},
  author={F.J. Elizabeth Boddens Hosang},
  journal={Religion Compass},



The invisible Jews of Visigothic Spain

Dans les annales de l'Espagne wisigothique, les juifs apparaissent comme une minorite tres persecutee. L'originalite, ou l'absence d'originalite des lois gothiques royales et des canons

Unity from disunity: law, rhetoric and power in the Visigothic kingdom

This paper explores the relationship between the ‘Church’ and the ‘State’ in the Visigothic kingdom of sixth- and seventh-century Spain. The authors examine the copious legal material from this

Archaeology of Frankish Church Councils, AD 511-768

Preface Abbreviations and Note on Translations Introduction: A Roman Institution in a Post-Roman World 1. Sources of Conciliar history 2. The Physical World of the Frankish Councils 3. The Reflection

Early Medieval Christian Identity and Anti‐Judaism: The Case of the Visigothic Kingdom

This article discusses the efforts by Catholic rulers to eliminate the Jewish communities of the Visigothic kingdom in Spain. Their sustained effort to define Christian identity through the forced

Jews as pagans? Polemical definitions of identity in Visigothic Spain

A conciliar canon from Visigothic Spain relates that Jewish parents, who had been baptized by force, were trying to save their children from baptism, relying on the help of Christian neighbours, who

The Economic History of European Jews: Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages

The Economic History of European Jews offers a radical revision of demographics and economics. It explains how the presence of Jews was a limited one and their trade was just that, trade by Jews, not

Establishing Boundaries: Christian-Jewish Relations in Early Council Texts and the Writings of Church Fathers

This book addresses the ongoing close relations between ordinary Christians and Jews on a daily basis at a time when church leaders were increasingly trying to establish boundaries between Christians

The legal conditions of the Jews under the Visigothic Kings

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