Jews and Gentiles in Central and Eastern Europe during the Holocaust in history and memory

  title={Jews and Gentiles in Central and Eastern Europe during the Holocaust in history and memory},
  author={Hana Kub{\'a}tov{\'a} and Jan L{\'a}n{\'i}{\vc}ek},
  journal={Holocaust Studies},
  pages={1 - 16}
ABSTRACT In Eastern Europe, where the genocide of the Jews became an almost “ordinary”, integral part of life during the war, as well as in Central Europe, removed from the direct proximity of the mass murder, the culpability of the Germans and their principal role in the Holocaust has not been doubted. After all, the Holocaust was an all-German story to tell. Far more complex has been the recognition of the local majority societies' – that is non-Germans' – involvement in the persecution and… 



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