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Jews and Christians in the Lycus Valley

  title={Jews and Christians in the Lycus Valley},
  author={Frederick Fyvie Bruce},
In antiquity several rivers in Asia Minor were called the Lycus River. 1 The Lycus River pertaining to Colossians watered part of southwestern Phrygia and flowed into the Maeander River. When one speaks of the cities of the Lycus Valley, he usually means the three which are mentioned in the Book of Colossians: Colossae, Laodicea, and Hierapolis (Col. 2:1; 4:13). Of these three, Colossae was by far the oldest; it was a city when Xerxes and his army passed that way in 480 B.C. 2 Laodicea was… 
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OUR MOST VIVID AND RELIABLE piece of literary evidence concerning the Jewish community of Republican Rome is to be found in a dramatic passage of Cicero's oration Pro L. Flacco. Having dealt with the
Hebrews among the letters of Paul
statements on Christology and faith, or its exploration of theological and hortatory dimensions of biblical texts, Hebrews has as much claim to a place in the Christian canon as any other New
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