Jewish Self-Defence and Terrorist Groups Prior to the Establishment of the State of ISRAEL: Roots and Traditions

  title={Jewish Self-Defence and Terrorist Groups Prior to the Establishment of the State of ISRAEL: Roots and Traditions},
  author={Arie Perliger and Leonard B. Weinberg},
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  • A. Perliger, L. Weinberg
  • Published 1 December 2003
  • Political Science
  • Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions
Hatred She Wrote: A Comparative Topic Analysis of Extreme Right and Islamic State Women-Only Forums
Originality/Value – This research uses a unique data set which was collected over one year to conduct a cross-ideological and multi-linguistic thematic analysis, a relatively uncommon approach.
Inter-Ethnic Income Inequality and Conflict Intensification in Mandate Palestine
We examine the effect of inter-ethnic income inequality on conflict intensification in Mandate Palestine, using a novel panel dataset comprising district-level characteristics and conflict intensity
The Origins of International Counterterrorism
In The Origins of International Counterterrorism, Aviva Guttmann analyses how Switzerland and other governments reacted to specific attacks, their efforts to institutionalize international
Up in arms! Explaining why ethnic minority organizations form militias in transitioning and post-communist Eurasian countries 1
The decision by ethnic minority organizations (EMOs) to form militias is heavily influenced by the specific policies that governments adopt towards them. We theorize that, when a government makes an
J.M. Coetzee and Ethics
ion, particularity vs., 303–4 acknowledgment, disgrace and, 277–80 activism, 133–34 Adorno, T. W., 232–33 aesthetics, 5 Agamben, Giorgio, 232, 237 agency, 24, 35, 38n8 Age of Iron (Coetzee): “Bheki”
The Savage Wars of Peace: Wars against Terrorism in Nineteenth-Century Ireland and India
Proponents of the current war, as of past wars, against terrorism depict their struggle as a defense of the core values of civilization against an amoral barbarism in which it is impossible to be


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