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Jewish Perspectives on Restorative Justice

  title={Jewish Perspectives on Restorative Justice},
  author={Eliezer L. Segal},
Judaism is a 'traditional' religion in that its revealed scriptures are mediated and interpreted by a historical tradition, known as the 'oral Torah.' The word 'Torah' means 'instruction' and is applied narrowly to the first five books of the Bible. Although the Jewish Bible includes all the books of the standard Christian 'Old Testament,' the books of the Torah are considered more important and authoritative than the others. Indeed, the other books of the Hebrew Bible are perceived by Jews… 
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How Buddhism Plays a Role through Victim-Offender Mediation in Handling the Challenges of Crime in China’s Tibet
Religion plays a significant role in the way Western societies respond to criminal offenses. However, the research on how religion plays a role in handling the challenges of crime in non-Western


In Roman law, those legal actions that result in the restoration of property to its lawful owners are "rei gratia comparatae"; that is, reparative
  • Those that result in payments that are greater than the original damage or misappropriation are "poenae"; that is, punitive. See Moyle (1964),551-5; Moyle (1955),177-9; and Albeck
  • 1965
translation). An extensive bibliographical survey is found in Cohen, Jewish and Roman Law 19-20
  • Eliezer Segal Jewish Perspectives on Restorative Justice
  • 1964
CO "The line of the law" is enforceable by the court, whereas "within the line" is a voluntary moral stance
  • As we shall note below, this claim was a disputed issue among the Jewish jurists; (ii) "Within the line" refers to voluntarily foregoing a right or privilege to which the party has a legal claim. See Berkovits (19~3); Cohen (1966) 31-121; and Federbusch
  • 1943