Jewish Fighters in Britain in Historical Context: Repugnance, Requiem, Reconsideration

  title={Jewish Fighters in Britain in Historical Context: Repugnance, Requiem, Reconsideration},
  author={Michael Berkowitz},
  journal={Sport in History},
  pages={423 - 443}
  • M. Berkowitz
  • Published 1 December 2011
  • History
  • Sport in History
Despite Jewish boxers being plentiful and among its leaders for more than a century, and vital on the business side to the present, until recently there has been relatively little scholarly attention paid to the phenomenon. A Jewish Museum exhibition in 2007 revealed, however, intense interest in the subject. Prior to boxing becoming marginalized in British society in the last three or four decades, it was regarded suspiciously by many individual Jews and communal bodies because of its… 

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