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Jesus' Cry From the Cross: Towards a First-Century Understanding of the Intertextual Relationship between Psalm 22 and the Narrative of Mark's Gospel

  title={Jesus' Cry From the Cross: Towards a First-Century Understanding of the Intertextual Relationship between Psalm 22 and the Narrative of Mark's Gospel},
  author={Holly J. Carey},
Chapter 1: Setting the Scene: Mark 15:34 in the Current Debate Chapter 2: Intertextuality, Citation, and Allusion Chapter 3: Suffering, Death, and Vindication: The Importance of Resurrection in Mark's Gospel Chapter 4: Citation of and Allusion to the Scriptures in Mark's Gospel Chapter 5: The Socio-Cultural Context of Mark's Gospel: The Motif of the Righteous Sufferer and the Use of Psalms in the First Century Chapter 6: Jesus as Mark's Righteous Sufferer Chapter 7: The Meaning and Function of… Expand
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