Jesus’ Death in John's Gospel: A Survey of Research from Bultmann to the Present with Special Reference to the Johannine Hyper-Texts

  title={Jesus’ Death in John's Gospel: A Survey of Research from Bultmann to the Present with Special Reference to the Johannine Hyper-Texts},
  author={J. Dennis},
  journal={Currents in Biblical Research},
  pages={331 - 363}
  • J. Dennis
  • Published 2006
  • Philosophy
  • Currents in Biblical Research
The influence of R. Bultmann's and E. Käsemann's interpretations of Jesus’ death in John's Gospel has been enormous. Their interpretations set the parameters of the debate right up to the present day. Bultmann and Käsemann insisted that Jesus’ death was not at the centre of Johannine soteriology and that it was not an atoning event. One of the results of this ‘Bultmann–Käsemann paradigm’ was that a number of crucial Johannine texts were overlooked or not taken seriously. One such set of… Expand
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