Jellyfish Blooms: Ecological and Societal Importance

  title={Jellyfish Blooms: Ecological and Societal Importance},
  author={J. Purcell and W. Graham and H. Dumont},
  booktitle={Developments in Hydrobiology},
  • J. Purcell, W. Graham, H. Dumont
  • Published in Developments in Hydrobiology 2001
  • Geography
  • With larger human population numbers and their need for recreation, contact between humans and jellyfish is increasing. The pathogenesis of cnidarian stings is discussed here and some of the factors influencing the variability in adverse reactions they produce are mentioned. The pharmakinetics of venom delivery determines the organ site of damage and the extent of abnormality. Since venoms can injure man by allergic or toxic reactions, the differences between these processes is elucidated… CONTINUE READING
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