Jejunoileal bypass and the defunctioned bowel syndrome.

  title={Jejunoileal bypass and the defunctioned bowel syndrome.},
  author={Ralph Gourlay and Ken G Evans},
  journal={Surgery, gynecology & obstetrics},
  volume={148 6},
Sixty-six patients who had a jejunoileal bypass with ileosigmoidostomy for intractable obesity were reviewed. Thirty-three patients had sudden, severe, upper pain develop in the abdomen with distention from one to four years after the original operation. All 33 patients had a repeat laparotomy from one to six years after the initial bypass procedure. In every instance, a dilated, hypertrophied defunctioned ileum was found proximal to the ileosigmoidostomy. In 11 patients, an ileosigmoid… CONTINUE READING