Jean-Pierre Bekolo's African Cyborgian Thought

  title={Jean-Pierre Bekolo's African Cyborgian Thought},
  author={Matthew Omelsky},
  journal={Nka: Journal of Contemporary African Art},
  pages={21 - 6}
  • Matthew Omelsky
  • Published 21 September 2012
  • Art
  • Nka: Journal of Contemporary African Art
This article elucidates how Jean-Pierre Bekolo's 2006 film Les saignantes rearticulates cyborgian thought in an effort to remap dominant modes of social consciousness among African youth. Bekolo uproots hegemonic tropes of African pathology; recasts narratives of African tradition in a way that forecloses singular, fixed interpretations; and depicts two young women who illustrate the potential for body and machine to merge in opposition to masculinist state power. Bekolo combines the… 

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