Jean Piaget

  title={Jean Piaget},
  author={Alberto Munari},
Un profil d’éducateur consacré au grand épistémologue et psychologue suisse pourrait, de prime abord, surprendre : comment en effet considérer Jean Piaget comme un éducateur alors qu’il n’a jamais exercé cette profession, que lui-même a toujours refusé de se considérer comme un pédagogue, allant jusqu’à affirmer : « Je n’ai pas d’opinion en pédagogie » (Bringuier, 1977, p. 194), et que la totalité de ses écrits sur l’éducation ne dépasse pas les trois centièmes de l’ensemble de son œuvre ? La… 
Propuestas para el nuevo paradigma educativo de la historia
Carlos Barros defiende la necesidad de un nuevo paradigma educativo de la historia en alianza con el nuevo paradigma historiografico propuesto por la red internacional Historia a Debate, basado
The Cognitive Origins of Bourdieu's Habitus
This paper aims to balance the conceptual reception of Bourdieu's sociology in the United States through a conceptual re-examination of the concept of Habitus. I retrace the intellectual lineage of
What High School Principals Do to Develop, Implement, and Sustain a High Functioning Character Education Initiative
theory of a process, action, or interaction grounded in the views of participants” (Creswell, 2009, p. 13). Morals. The “principles, standards, or habits with respect to right or wrong in conduct”
The Victorian Era: The Birth of Scientific Societies and the Blossoming of Public Health
A long list of sporting organizations testified to a wide range of new recreational opportunities, now open to women as well as men, with little objective data on how population fitness was affected by social changes.
New Learning Pedagogy A study in determining an appropriate pedagogy and pedagogical strategies to support phonetic awareness, whilst using new technology with young children.
This study addressed the use of new technology of an educational website via the Internet, with the intent to support phonetic recognition and awareness, so that the process of reading can begin earlier, against the backdrop of children failing to reach expected standards in literacy tests.
Music for early childhood : guidelines for parents in the Western Cape
The research for this thesis is presented in the form of a practical guideline for parents and educators in the Western Cape area. The important role of music in early childhood is emphasised
Teachers' pedagogies and the 'special' curriculum : a study of the beliefs and practices of teachers that shape the ecologies of SLD/PMLD schools
Scarce in the academic literature exploring the experiences of teachers within school environments specialising in the education of special educational needs children and disabilities are accounts
The Effect of Early Child Introduction to Pre-Vocational Subjects at the Primary School Level to Enhance Technological Growth in Developing Nations
Technology is the power of development in many nations economy in this 21st century. Many developed nations in the western world have viable economy and strong technological background because of
Accounting for Accountability: A Critical Reflection on the Private Higher Education in Bangladesh
The World Bank has pioneered the concept of “private” in developing countries with the aim of creating economic and social sustainability since the 1990s. This study examines private universities by
The Uniqueness of Knowledge Management in Small Companies: Managing knowledge as an employer strategy for lifelong learning
The present study explores the relationship between the ‘knowledge-enabling environment’ and the demand for training using a sample of 18 small private companies providing educational and consultan


Some Implications of Piaget's Theory for Teaching Young Children
Piaget's cognitive theory puts the emphasis on the child's development outside school or laboratory training. It may in a sense seem surprising that such a theory is being called upon increasingly to
A structural foundation for tomorrow's education
The Psychology of Intelligence and Education
Per un approccio costruttivista neo - piagetiano dell ’ identità : prime riflessioni
  • Attualità in psicologia ( Rome )
  • 1989