Jean-Luc Nancy

  title={Jean-Luc Nancy},
  author={Marie-{\`E}ve Morin},
Acknowledgements List of abbreviations Introduction 1. Ontology 2. Christianity 3. Community 4. Politics 5. From Body to Art Conclusion Bibliography 
Jean‐Luc Nancy and the “exit from religion”
This article provides an introduction to Jean-Luc Nancy's project on the “deconstruction of Christianity” by situating his work philosophically and historically. The author explains that Nancy's workExpand
Keeping Sense Open: Jean-Luc Nancy, Karl Rahner, and Bodies
This article introduces the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy to theologians by placing him in critical dialogue with Karl Rahner. It examines how Nancy's deconstruction of Christianity accusesExpand
Relationality and Everyday Meaning: An Ontological Dialogue between Jean-Luc Nancy and Raimon Panikkar
RELATIONALITY AND EVERYDAY MEANING: AN ONTOLOGICAL DIALOGUE BETWEEN JEAN-LUC NANCY AND RAIMON Panikkar Andrew D. Thrasher, MA George Mason University, 2014 Thesis Director: Dr. Randi Rashkover I amExpand
Jean-Luc Nancy. El fin de Occidente y la cuestión de la comunidad
This paper inquires in a central question in the Jean-Luc Nancy’s work, that is, the end of the West and his inmediate concequence: the return schema. The evaluation that Nancy realize is associatedExpand
Turbulent Communisms: Raqs Media Collective’s The Last International
Raqs Media Collective’s The Last International performance evoked a sense of communism as a cacophonous gathering of incommensurabilities and a convivial assembly of distances.
The Mystery of Body: Nancy's Corpus and the Christian Body
After the initial contextualization of the topic, by following Nancy's juxtaposition strategy, this article points to two senses of the body that, according to him, have defined the Western culture.Expand
Deconstruction and bio-politics: Asymmetrical visuality, spacing, power
Introduction This chapter speculatively investigates the relationship between Jacques Derrida’s metaphysical critique, deconstruction, and Michel Foucault’s conception of the politics of life,Expand
Nancy, Agamben, and the Weakness of the World
This essay seeks to examine Jean-Luc Nancy’s notion of “world”—alongside the one developed less explicitly by Giorgio Agamben—as an engagement with Christianity that is not simply “deconstructive”Expand
Engaging an infinity in actuality: exposing political space in the authority of experience itself
In this short response piece, I use the distinction, following Claude Lefort, between the political (le politique) and politics (la politique) to frame an evaluation of the retreating of the conceptExpand
Worlds Apart: Conversations between Jacques Derrida & Jean-Luc Nancy
This article attempts to sort out the misunderstandings between Jacques Derrida and Jean-Luc Nancy surrounding the question of the animal as they come to the fore in the conversations published inExpand