Java-powered virtual laboratories for earthquake engineering education


The objective of this MCEER educational project is to develop Java-based Virtual Laboratories for Earthquake Engineering (VLEE) as a Tri-Center collaborative effort to produce online resources for earthquake engineering education. This task is a part of MCEER’s Center-wide effort to develop educational modules, in which various Java-Powered Virtual Laboratories (VLs) have been developed to provide a means for on-line interactive experiments. They are intended to provide a conceptual understanding of a wide range of topics related to earthquake engineering, including structural control using the tuned mass damper (TMD) and the hybrid mass damper (HMD), linear and nonlinear base isolation system, and nonlinear structural dynamic analysis of multi-story buildings. The VLEEs are available on-line at and have been incorporated as a reference implementation of educational modules in the NEESgrid software (http: // Sponsors

DOI: 10.1002/cae.20050

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