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Jastrow Two-nucleon Overlap Functions and Cross Sections of $^{16}$O$(e,e^{\prime}NN)^{14}$C Reactions

  title={Jastrow Two-nucleon Overlap Functions and Cross Sections of \$^\{16\}\$O\$(e,e^\{\prime\}NN)^\{14\}\$C Reactions},
  author={D. N. Kadrev and M.V. Ivanov and A. N. Antonov and Carlotta Giusti and Franco Davide Pacati},
  journal={arXiv: Nuclear Theory},
Using the relationship between the two-particle overlap functions (TOF's) and the two-body density matrix (TDM), the TOF's for $^{16}$O$(e,e^{\prime}pp)^{14}$C reaction are calculated on the basis of TDM obtained with a Jastrow-type approach. The main contributions of the removal of $^1S$ and $^3P$ $pp$-pairs from $^{16}$O are taken into account in the calculations of the cross sections of the $^{16}$O$(e,e^{\prime}pp)^{14}$C reaction using the Jastrow TOF's. The contributions of the one-body… 


Nucleon correlations in nuclei
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