Jaroslav Krizenecky (1896-1964), Tragic Victim of Lysenkoism in Czechoslovakia

  title={Jaroslav Krizenecky (1896-1964), Tragic Victim of Lysenkoism in Czechoslovakia},
  author={V{\'i}tězslav Orel},
  journal={The Quarterly Review of Biology},
  pages={487 - 494}
  • V. Orel
  • Published 1 December 1992
  • Biology
  • The Quarterly Review of Biology
N 1965 the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with the Genetics Section of the International Union of Biological Sciences, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and other patrons, organized the G. Mendel Memorial Symposium in Brno to commemorate the centennial of Mendel's reports on his experiments in hybridizing various strains of garden peas (Sosna, 1966). His presentations to the Natural Science Society of Briinn (Brno today) were published the following year in their volume… 

Vítězslav Orel (1926–2015): Gregor Mendel’s biographer and the rehabilitation of genetics in the Communist Bloc

Vítězslav Orel played a key role in the organization of the Mendel symposium of 1965 in Brno, and has made a strong contribution to the rehabilitation of genetics generally, and to championing the work of Johann Gregor Mendel in particular.

Lysenko in Yugoslavia, 1945–1950s: How to De-Stalinize Stalinist Science

The essay examines the strategies employed by supporters and opponents of Lysenko’s doctrine, as well as those sympathetic to it but yet unconvinced of its scientific validity and political appropriateness, highlighting globally unique attempts to de-Stalinize Michurinist biology and use it in the political-ideological struggle against the Stalinist Soviet Union.

Scientific Animal Breeding in Moravia before and after the Rediscovery of Mendel's Theory

Leading Moravian sheep breeders, who joined with university professors and other educated citizens to form a Sheep Breeders' Society in 1814, looked to science to provide a reliable basis for breeding in the 1830s, when they defined and focused on heredity as the central research goal.

Mendel the fraud? A social history of truth in genetics

  • G. Radick
  • History
    Studies in History and Philosophy of Science
  • 2022

Plastic Language for Plastic Science: The Rhetoric of Comrade Lysenko

Rhetoric of science reveals the role of rhetoric in the complex social enterprise that is standard science. Rhetoric plays a role in non-standard science too. The recent elucidation of the human

Mendel’s Research Legacy in the Broader Historical Network

This historical narrative describes the foundation of education as established by J. A. Comenius (1592–1670). It explores the transfer of Comenius’ tenets, utilized and modified through the years, up

Science Studies and Mendel's Paradigm

  • V. Orel
  • Art, History
    Perspectives on Science
  • 2010
Steve Fuller has argued that a scientific discovery will not be recognized unless it can be justified within the history of the relevant science. He cites Mendel's work on genetics, which was not

Contested memory: debates over the nature of Mendel's paradigm.

Observation and analysis of phenomena penetrate into the depths of Nature, and one cannot know how far this will lead in the course of time.

Gregor Mendel and the History of Heredity



The Evolutionary synthesis : perspectives on the unification of biology

The Evolutionary Synthesis: Morgan and Natural Selection Revisited Revisited Garland E. Allen Hypotheses That Blur and Grow Hampton L. Carson Embryology Introduction William B. Provine The Evolution of Genetic Systems: Contributions of Cytology to Evolutionary Theory C.D. Darlington Morgan and the Theory of Natural Selection.

The case of the midwife toad

One that will refer to break the boredom in reading is choosing the case of the midwife toad as the reading material.

Mendelsche Regeln und Vererbung erworbener Eigenschaften

  • Verhandl. naturf Vereines
  • 1911

Mendel No Mendelian?

Mendelsche Regeln und Vererbung erworbener Eigenschaften. Verhandl. naturf Vereines in Briinn

  • 1911

Krizeneckeho chapani Mendelova objevu pod vlivem teorie dedicnosti ziskanych vlastnosti (in English: Krizenmeck`'s perception of Mendel's discovery

  • 1990

0 dedicnosti ziskanych znakuc a vyznamu mendelismu pro teorii evolucni (in English: On the heredity of acquired characteristics and the importance of Mendelism for evolutionary theory)

  • English: A review of the science of animal breeding). Pol'nohospodarstvo
  • 1925