Jaroslav Heyrovský, 1890-1967

  title={Jaroslav Heyrovsk{\'y}, 1890-1967},
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Jaroslav Heyrovský was born in Prague (in the Old Town, Křižovnická 14) on 20 December, 1890. He was the fifth child of Klára (born Hanlová) and JUDr. Leopold Heyrovský (1852-1924). His father was Professor of Roman Law of the University, which was at that time called the Czech Charles- Ferdinand University. His textbook The history and system of Roman law, went through five editions. He was a free thinker and advocate of Czech autonomy, a friend of T. G. Masaryk. His great grandfather JUDr… Expand
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Heyrovsky – the inventor of polarography


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