Japanese Philosophy: A Sourcebook

  title={Japanese Philosophy: A Sourcebook},
  author={James W. Heisig and T. Kasulis and John C. Maraldo},
With Japanese Philosophy: A Sourcebook, readers of English can now access in a single volume the richness and diversity of Japanese philosophy as it has developed throughout history. Leading scholars in the field have translated selections from the writings of more than a hundred philosophical thinkers from all eras and schools of thought, many of them available in English for the first time. The Sourcebook editors have set out to represent the entire Japanese philosophical tradition--not only… Expand


The Complete Works of Chuang Tzu
Alternative trans
  • Watsuji Tetsurō's "Rinrigaku": Ethics in Japan
  • 1996
Translation revised
  • English trans. by Geoffrey Bownas, Climate and Culture
  • 1988
「西洋と東洋における 〈一即一切〉 の相違について」 [Differences between the eastern and western ideas of "all-in-one
  • 1982
Buddhism and Christianity
The Inner Chapters, trans
  • The Complete Works of Chuang Tzu, trans
  • 1968
English trans
  • The Concept of Hell
  • 1967
Odes The Book of Odes
  • The She King, trans. by James Legge
  • 1960
Suttanipāta The Sutta-nipâta: A Collection of Discourses, Being One of the Canonical Books of the Buddhists
  • Trans. by V. Fausböll