Janthinobacterium agaricidamnosum sp. nov., a soft rot pathogen of Agaricus bisporus.

  title={Janthinobacterium agaricidamnosum sp. nov., a soft rot pathogen of Agaricus bisporus.},
  author={Susan Lincoln and Terry R Fermor and Brian J. Tindall},
  journal={International journal of systematic bacteriology},
  volume={49 Pt 4},
A novel bacterium has been found that causes a soft rot disease of Agaricus bisporus, the cultivated mushroom. It has been characterized using nutritional, physiological, chemical and molecular techniques. Based on these data, it was shown to have many characteristics in common with members of the genus Janthinobacterium. Despite similarities to the only described species within this genus, Janthinobacterium lividum, there were a number of differences between the mushroom pathogen isolated and… CONTINUE READING

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