Janet Rowley 1925–2013: a rock star of haematology and genetics

  title={Janet Rowley 1925–2013: a rock star of haematology and genetics},
  author={Peter Hokland},
  journal={British Journal of Haematology},
  • P. Hokland
  • Published 1 May 2014
  • Medicine
  • British Journal of Haematology
It is a fair guess that the vast majority of haematologists know the seminal contribution to our field of Janet Rowley, who died on 17 December 2013 at her home in Hyde Park, Chicago from complications of ovarian carcinoma. However, every young and aspiring clinician and researcher should be acquainted with it for a number of reasons. Firstly, her work provided the first indications of the crucial link between chromosomal abnormalities, on the one hand, and the development of cancer on the… 
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Historical review: a history of the British Journal of Haematology
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The British Journal of Haematology has now been in existence for 65 years and has become increasingly international in its outlook, particularly with an increasing emphasis on haematological neoplasms and their treatment.


A Story of Swapped Ends
A turning point in cancer biology—the beginning of a story that would draw new attention to chromosome abnormalities as a cause of cancer, a phenomenon that still influences the authors' understanding of the disease.
A New Consistent Chromosomal Abnormality in Chronic Myelogenous Leukaemia identified by Quinacrine Fluorescence and Giemsa Staining
An unsuspected abnormality in all cells from the nine patients with chronic myelogenous leukaemia has been detected with quinacrine fluorescence and various Giemsa staining techniques, suggesting that there may be a hitherto undetected translocation between the long arm of 22 and thelong arm of 9, producing the 9q+ chromosome.
TET1 plays an essential oncogenic role in MLL-rearranged leukemia
In contrast to the frequent down-regulation (or loss-of-function mutations) and critical tumor-suppressor roles of the three TET genes observed in various types of cancers, here it is shown that TET1 is a direct target of MLL-fusion proteins and is significantly up-regulated in M LL-rearranged leukemia, leading to a global increase of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine level.
Detection of DNA rearrangements in the AML1 and ETO loci and of an AML1/ETO fusion mRNA in patients with t(8;21) acute myeloid leukemia.
PCR amplification with primers from AML1 and ETO can be used as a more sensitive and accurate means for detecting this chromosomal abnormality, and for observing the patients' response to therapy.
miR-9 is an essential oncogenic microRNA specifically overexpressed in mixed lineage leukemia–rearranged leukemia
It is demonstrated that microRNA-9 (miR-9) is the most specifically up-regulated miRNA in MLL-rearranged AML compared with both normal control and non–MLL-riddled AML, and can serve as a potential therapeutic target to treat this dismal disease.
Acute leukemia after treatment of lymphoma.
A review of recent studies of chromosomes in mongolism.
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