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Jane 2: Open Source Phrase-based and Hierarchical Statistical Machine Translation

  title={Jane 2: Open Source Phrase-based and Hierarchical Statistical Machine Translation},
  author={Joern Wuebker and M. Huck and S. Peitz and M. Nuhn and Markus Freitag and J. Peter and Saab Mansour and H. Ney},
  • Joern Wuebker, M. Huck, +5 authors H. Ney
  • Published in COLING 2012
  • Computer Science
  • We present Jane 2, an open source toolkit supporting both the phrase-based and the hierarchical phrase-based paradigm for statistical machine translation. It is implemented in C++ and provides efficient decoding algorithms and data structures. This work focuses on the description of its phrase-based functionality. In addition to the standard pipeline, including phrase extraction and parameter optimization, Jane 2 contains several state-of-the-art extensions and tools. Forced alignment phrase… CONTINUE READING
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