Jan Sowa. Fantomowe ciało króla. Peryferyjne zmagania z nowoczesną formą

  title={Jan Sowa. Fantomowe ciało kr{\'o}la. Peryferyjne zmagania z nowoczesną formą},
  author={Tomasz Zarycki},
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Europa wielu prędkości i kwestia Europy Wschodniej. Ujęcie centro-peryferyjne

This article examines the issue of insecurity in the European Union. The analysis is based on the centre-periphery approach with the starting hypothesis that the asymmetry of potentials in the states

Making an Ethnic Group: Lemko-Rusyns and the Minority Question in the Second Polish Republic

  • A. Pasieka
  • Sociology, History
    European History Quarterly
  • 2021
Drawing on ethnographic and archival materials, this paper examines the ethnic politics of the Second Polish Republic by taking into account the experiences of the Lemko-Rusyn population, a minority

Problematic (Post)Sarmatism: On the Possibility of Adapting Sarmatian Heritage in a Demo-liberal Culture

The article shows (post)Sarmatism as an element of the Polish identity discourse in its community dimension, which mainly takes account of its civilisation and cultural aspect, defined by relations