Jacqueline Kennedy and Cold War Propaganda

  title={Jacqueline Kennedy and Cold War Propaganda},
  author={Carol B. Schwalbe},
  journal={Journal of Broadcasting \& Electronic Media},
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As First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy attracted enormous public attention worldwide not only through intense media coverage but also through propaganda efforts orchestrated by the U.S. government. This article examines how film and television propaganda helped turn her into a goodwill ambassador who built international support for the Kennedy administration during the Cold War. An interview with filmmaker George Stevens, Jr., and a thorough examination of archival documents illuminate the overseas… Expand
First Lady International Diplomacy: Performing Gendered Roles on the World Stage
This study critically exposes gendered diplomacy roles as representations that limit the performance options of first ladies. When traveling abroad, for example, presidents' wives rarely callExpand
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: A Celebrity Afterlife in American Culture
  • O. Eaton
  • History
  • Journal of American Studies
  • 2017
In modern life, we encounter stories of people with a frequency unfathomable even twenty years ago. In American culture, the lives of celebrities, in particular, have proven the dominant form ofExpand
The Pink Suit1: Jacqueline Kennedy and celebrity defilement
This paper addresses the concept of celebrity defilement. It isolates one fact in Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ life – the pink suit she was wearing when her husband President John F. Kennedy wasExpand
Free the World and Your Ass Will Follow: JFK and Revolutionary Freedom in 1960s Youth Culture
On the cover of Mad Magazine ’s December 1970 issue, at the tail end of what has come to be known as the long 1960s, Alfred E. Newman stands grinning in a raccoon coat and saddle shoes, gripping aExpand
‘Investing in Persons’: The Political Culture of Kennedy Liberalism
When Neil Klugman, the protagonist of Philip Roth’s Goodbye, Columbus , travels in pursuit of Brenda Patimkin up from working-class Newark to the village of Short Hills, New Jersey, his journeyExpand
‘I’m just doing my job’: The First Lady and the Work of Political Mythmaking in Pablo Larraín’s Jackie (2016)
Abstract Jackie (2016), Pablo Larraín’s biopic of Jacqueline Kennedy, is the first full-length feature film devoting serious attention to an American First Lady and the work she carries out. I argueExpand
The Cambridge Companion to John F. Kennedy
1. Kennedy, Boston, and Harvard Eoin Cannon 2. Kennedy and the Catholic Church Paul Giles 3. The Kennedy-Nixon debates: the launch of television's transformation of US politics and popular cultureExpand
Pathetic Politics: An Analysis of Emotion and Embodiment in First Lady Rhetoric
PATHETIC POLITICS: AN ANALYSIS OF EMOTION AND EMBODIMENT IN FIRST LADY RHETORIC by STEPHANIE L. WIDEMAN May 2017 Advisor: Dr. James L. Cherney Major: Communication Degree: Doctor of Philosophy ThisExpand
Entertainment Industries and ‘Liberal’ Celebrities: the Failure to Convert Attention into Political Power
The relationship between Hollywood and liberal politics has been the focus of many studies arguing that the widespread beliefs about the film industry’s leftist leanings are not an unfounded myth.1Expand
Jackie Joins Twitter: The Recirculation of “Campaign Wife”
Tocommemorate the anniversary of the 1960 presidential campaign, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library (henceforth, “the JFK Library”) created, launched, and supervised a pair of Twitter accountsExpand


Cool words, cold war : a new look at USIA's Premises for propaganda
This reassessment of the Cold War premises of American Propaganda brings the original 1954 study up to date and places it into historical context. The book is a careful examination of the principlesExpand
The President's Partner: The First Lady in the Twentieth Century
Introduction The White Housekeepers: Social Hostesses and Ceremonial Presences--Florence Harding, Grace Coolidge, Bess Truman, Mamie Eisenhower The Emerging Spokeswomen--Lou Hoover, JacquelineExpand
War of ideas.
This editorial urges the US to support moderate secular ideas within the Arab world. It notes that there are a lot of ordinary people and officials inside powerful countries like Egypt and SaudiExpand
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As American politics and television became more closely intertwined in the early 1960s, each underwent enormous and long-lasting changes. In The Expanding Vista, originally published in 1990 (OxfordExpand
Mrs. Kennedy: The Missing History of the Kennedy Years
At John F Kennedy's election his wife Jackie was relatively unknown. By the time of his assassination in November 1963 she had become a force to be reckoned with. Using newly released sources in theExpand
The First Lady Reconsidered: Presidential Partner and Political Institution
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The Presidents' Wives: Reassessing the Office of First Lady
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It is nearly fifty years since the horrific assassination in Dallas, and during that time the appeal of John and Jackie Kennedy, a uniquely glamorous presidential couple, frozen in eternal youth byExpand
Using all available means of persuasion: the twentieth century first lady as public communicator
Historians have been polled in an effort to determine rankings of American first ladies (Gould, 1996; Watson, 1999). Eleanor Roosevelt (#1), Rosalynn Carter (#5), Lady Bird Johnson (#6), Jacqueline...